MEALS ON WHEELS - we are still operating during the crisis: New places available 

We understand that during the months we will all be extremely

concerned about protecting the health of our elderly. Please be reassured that our meals are safe as they are microwaved by the customer before being eaten. This high-heating process kills off any virus. We also take extreme care to minimise any possibility of transition through packaging/delivery materials and advise/remind customers to remove and discard the packaging and wash hands using soap and hot-water for 20-seconds after placing the food into the microwave.

Meals are delivered plated and hygienically cling-filmed. No physical contact will be made with the customer by our delivery person. Please note that plates will be collected and fully sterilised before being reused. Delivery staff may also wear face masks and plastic gloves while handing the plated and packaged food to the customer.

OUR SUGGESTED COVID-19 PROCEDURES (guidance will be given by our delivery person) 


NOTE: Every person receiving a delivery form us will be guided though the prcedure set out below 


Receive delivery - Do not touch face with hands during this time



1)   Place plated food in microwave for 3-minutes

      Use this time sanitise worktops - remove from microwave

2)  Sanitize microwave handle/buttons & Wash hands

3)  Remove & throw away cling film


You may  know safely enjoy your just heat meal

**Please note that daily menus may need to be altered because of supply during the virus