...what makes Roy Blyth's meat superior 

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Neal Blyth sits on the Charolais Council of Management  

...why can you expect Roy Blyth's meat to be superior 

All of Roy Blyth's meat is produced in the natural

way. All of our our beef & lamb comes from lovingly reared stock on 500 acres of grassy farmland. We also use other local suppliers who follow our philosophy of allowing stock to live,

graze & suckle milk naturally. We also specialise in the natural traditional ageing methods for our beef  




To find out exactly why you can expect our beef to be superior read on...

...why can you expect Roy Blyth's beef to be superior


...our herds enjoy natural & nutritious pasture grass during the summer. During winter months they are  fed highly nutritious fermented-grass and hay.



 The beef comes from a natural suckled calf system  

What does this mean?

...our cattle enjoy an outdoor life and are brought up on grass and suckle milk naturally, just as they should.

... this natural approach to rearing beef cattle is called the Suckler method and make up only a small proportion of the beef industry. 




 ...Our beef is allowed to age naturally before it reaches our counters 


What does this mean?

...Our produce is allowed to hang for a minimum of two weeks. More expensive cuts are then to allowed to dry-age for a further period of time to allow tenderness & depth of flavour to naturally develop.

 Supermarkets overwhelmingly  offer beef that has not been dry-aged at all. Instead it is immediately sealed into plastic packaging while still wet. ...Wet ageing is primarily used to keep water trapped inside the meat to increase its weight.


...the breeds are all chosen & bred for flavour & tenderness rather than growth rate.  



What does this mean?

...cows sired on our farm bring together specially selected characteristics to create perfect tenderness, flavour and appropriate fat content.  





Neal Blyth sits on the Charolais Council of Management.



Charolais won the Burke Trophy, the Royal Show’s interbreed beef award for pairs, on a record 17 occasions.

In 2011, Allanfauld Fizz, a 19 month old purebred heifer was the first ever pedigree Charolais to secure the Royal Smithfield championship.

why is Roy Blyth's meat superior ?



Reason: 1

All of Roy Blyth's beef comes from grass fed cows 


Reason: 2

Our cattle have suckled milk as nature intended

Reason: 3

All of our beef is dry aged    

Reason: 4

We individually select & breed cattle chosen for enhanced flavour and tenderness

About Us

...farm reared Lamb & Pork



Lamb and pork do not benefit from

tenderisation by dry-ageing. Lamb meat has a higher percentage of fat, smaller muscles and is naturally more tender. Pork is also higher in fat with smaller muscles and is ready for consumption in around 3-6 months from birth so like lamb its meat is younger and has a naturally tender nature  


 Roy Blyth's pork comes from carefully sourced local farmers and suppliers 


 Incredible, mouthwatering pork and lamb from Roy Blyth's